Candidate Network

We boast a vast candidate network of professionals, ranging from junior to partner level lawyers across EMEA. Our dedication to building relationships over the years has allowed us to form a strong talent pool of experts within all legal practice areas. We invest time in getting to know our candidates and we are committed to understanding their needs and career aspirations.

Experienced Recruiters

Our dedicated team offer the uppermost quality of services and work with a level of care rarely found within the recruitment industry. Client and candidate satisfaction and discretion is our number one priority.

Global Presence

Metis operates across Europe. We continuously expand to more markets and are proactively seeking development opportunities.

Metis Global Recruitment

Recruiting made simple

Metis Global Recruitment is a specialized legal recruitment company operating across Europe, advising both local and international law firms and multinational companies, dedicated to representing lawyers, tax and compliance experts across all levels.

Metis brings expertise, competence and a proven track record of achievement acquired over the years. We thrive on improving the careers of our candidates and keeping the businesses of our clients competitive and successful with the right legal talent.

Recruiting exceptional talent is the backbone of all successful businesses. The process can be expensive, frustrating and time consuming, which is why working with a trusted recruitment partner saves time, significant resources and allows you to focus on your business while ensuring you find the right candidates for your team.