Limitation On the Number of Third-Country Nationals Employed in Hungary

The Hungarian Minister of Finance announced on 7 August 2018 that the maximum number of third-country nationals who might be employed in Hungary with work permit shall be 55,000. Last year the limitation was 59,000, which means that the maximum number of third-country nationals has been reduced with 4,000. The decision may be surprising, since according to the statistics severe labour shortage is experienced in key sectors and there is a need for the employment of third-country nationals.

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Summarizing Opinion on the Hungarian Judicial Practice of the Possession Protection Cases

The legal practice analyser group of the Curia (i.e. the Hungarian supreme court) published a summarizing opinion on the judicial practice of the possession protection cases initiated before Hungarian notaries. Under the provisions of the Civil Code, the owner shall refrain from any conduct that would unnecessarily disturb others, especially his neighbours, or that would jeopardize the exercise of their rights. The possessor is entitled to request the termination of the disturbance from the notary public within one year.

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Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner Advises International Investment Bank on Loan to Russia’s State Transport Leasing Company

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Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner has advised the International Investment Bank, a multilateral development bank mainly operating in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Asia, on USD 96.5 million multi-asset secured facility for financing and refinancing the acquisition of a number of passenger and special purposes aviation and mining assets for Russia's State Transport Leasing Company. The borrowers had no external counsel.

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