Recruiting made simple.

If you run a business, you know: finding the best professionals and experts with the necessary drive and cultural fit, is key to your firm’s success. Metis serves both the employees and the employers of the Hungarian legal market, connecting lawyers, tax and compliance experts.

Our team carries out professional and personalized recruitment and selection services for both in-house and private practice legal, and support staff positions. While we are international, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia and operate across Europe, we have a special focus in Hungary due to our strong and long-standing presence in the market. Hungary plays a key role in our company, as we have built a wide network of excellent legal professionals and have well established connections to international and local firms, and multinational companies.

Besides Hungary, we also operate in: Estonia, Finland, United Kingdom, Romania and Israel.

What do we offer our Clients?

Metis provides effective recruitment and consulting services. Whether an international, local, boutique law firm, or a multinational company, our company will exhaust all efforts to find the candidates that best suits your firm’s profile, needs and expectations in Budapest and throughout Hungary.

Metis offering best opportunities for legal jobs in Budapest. Our experience in the field and trained experts are able to provide you with the most effective and stress-free way to get hired. We make the process of legal recruitment Hungary smooth and simple. After years of experience in this field, we decided to dedicate our time and expertise to create a goodwill in the market by providing the top quality service in the industry. Our main focus is to serve clients and provide the best experience to keep up with our high standards. If you have an interest in legal recruitment in Hungary make sure to contact us to see what we have to offer for you.

Recruitment is made simple with us!

Whether your aim is to: save time, resources, monetary strain attached to hiring the right talent, or to reach candidates beyond your common application pool specifically suitable to your exact needs and receive honest advice throughout the process – our services focus on solving the everyday challenges you face with selection and recruitment.
Ultimately, our aim is to support the development of our clients’ business through strengthening competitiveness and advancing their legal teams further. Our core services in Budapest are the following:

  • Legal professionals and support staff recruitment
  • Recruitment, staffing and selection consulting
  • Team moves and firm mergers/acquisitions
  • Research services


What do we offer our Candidates?

Metis also serves and represents the legal professionals and experts in the Hungarian labor market. We bring exciting opportunities to legal professionals’ attention, matching their needs and career aspirations. Our team advises and guides them throughout the recruitment process.
Candidates can reach out to us knowing that we uphold the highest confidential and ethical standards during all interactions. We pride ourselves in having continuously built long term professional relationships with the outstanding legal and support staff talent in the market.

We look forward to serving both candidates and clients in Hungary, finding the most suitable and effective solutions to all parties. Don’t hesitate to reach out and find out how we can help!