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Working with Metis: a Recruitment Consultant

Why work with a recruitment consultant such as Metis Global Recruitment?

So what is it that recruiters actually do? Recruiters and recruitment consultants are different from in-house/corporate recruiters. They are hired by companies and firms to support internal recruitment for several reasons such as time, money, resources, and expertise in the market. Recruitment consultants support all or few phases of the recruitment process but their aim is usually the same: to connect the best fit candidates to the hiring company.

Recruiters often get a bad reputation in the market, due to the actions of recruiters who unfortunately lack empathy, emotional intelligence, and the understanding of the industry. If you come across one, stay clear. A good consultant will not only look out for the interest of the client, but also the candidate. After all, success comes from finding a match that makes both parties happy on the long term. A good recruiter will be able to guide you through the recruitment process and help you understand whether the position is a good fit. If you are the right candidate, they will coach you and consult you on the technicalities of your application to give you the best shot at the job opportunity. They also help smooth over misunderstandings and can aid negotiations.

How to work successfully with a recruitment consultant?

If you do happen to land on an interesting job opportunity advertised by a consultant from Metis Global Recruitment or another agency, below are some tips to working together successfully:

Apply once at a time.
Try to stay away from spamming recruiters by applying to multiple job openings. If you have identified a position that raised interest, apply to one and mention your interest in other opportunities.

Prepare for your interview.
Make sure you prepare for an interview or discussion with a recruiter just like you would for a company. Recruiters are trying to find a good fit for the client, if you start the cooperation seeming not prepared or professional, most likely the recruiter will not want to promote you to the hiring company. Read through the job description thoroughly, think about your own experiences, motivations and what you bring to the table. Run through interview questions.

Be honest and open.
Be up front about what you are, or are not, looking for: job spec, your motivations, salary needs, locations etc. Communicating openly provides the recruiter information they need to represent you accurately and effectively to the client. A good recruiter will also be honest and direct with you about your chances or if the position is not a good fit.

Be responsive.
Make sure to get back to recruiters ASAP so you don’t miss out on opportunities. Use the communication methods will also save time and effort. You can also voice your preferred medium of communication e.g., vie email, telephone, or LinkedIn.

candidate applications

How can you stand out on your application?

Every company, firm and recruiter are different. That means there is not one perfect way to write your applications. However, there are several general guidelines you can follow to increase your chances in getting through the door and landing that exciting job opportunity. Below are a few tips to maximize your chances.

Pay attention to details.
Job seekers often skim through the job description, not paying attention to not only specific job requirements but even basic things such as how to apply to the position. Reading through the job description and following instructions to ease the process for the recruiter and/or company is the first and easiest things you can do to ensure your application is reviewed properly. The next step is to look at the company and job description and take out details you can work into your application to show you are genuinely motivated and interested in the job. Take out details that help you stand out and showcase your expertise and make sure to mention details (name, industry, job details).

Personalize your applications.
Try to understand the tone of the job advertisement and company in general, to adjust your application accordingly. Make sure your documents reflect the necessary requirements or emphasize transferable skills that would make you a good fit for the role. You will not be able to use the same documents (CV, Cover letter, etc.) for all job ads. Make use of keywords that are used throughout the advertisement and company website, repeating them in your application documents, showing how your background matches the expertise and qualifications needed.

Use each tool to stand out.
Your application will not include many documents. Usually you will send your Resume, Cover letter and you can be confident that the recruiter will check your LinkedIn pages. Therefore ,you should ensure that each document or tool is there to maximize your chances of getting through the door. When you take your Resume and Cover letter for example, use different information for each. Try not to waste your Cover letter to repeat your Resume in paragraphs but use it as an additional document proving that you would be a fit for the role and company. Ask yourselves questions the recruiter would, and make sure they are answered in one of the tools.